Time for self-care to reset, relax,
​rejuvenate and reflect.


Treat yourself to a day to totally relax, immerse yourself in nature, focus on yourself & enjoy great company. 


  Most women concede that the luxury of taking a full day to be self indulgent
just never seems to make the priority list. Partners, children and work rank higher in the battle for our time and attention. As for spending money on yourself
when kids need new sports shoes or whatever - this just never happens!

So our day is designed to give you a taste of the benefits of saying "Hey I am
important!". We have kept the time to a minimum - a day is 'do-able', you could
trade some childcare credits with a friend, and we have kept the price as low as we can go so that the investment isn't a humungous barrier! 

We hope you can take the time to share our retreat day with us!
Michelle, Susan and Glenda

Nurture in Nature Time Out - Gift Voucher