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"Yoga is the foundation of youth. You are only as young as your spine is flexible"

-Bob Harper

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About Me

Hi, I'm Michelle Triggs.

I teach people how to move mindfully, in a way that strengthens and lengthens the body, whilst also nurturing the mind. I have found yoga to be the best way to bring peace to a busy mind, a way to switch off and feel ‘chilled’ and ‘zen’ like after practice. The pace of this of this ever increasingly fast world has left us with many unhealthy side effects. We need to know how to look after ourselves and yoga can help with so many of today's modern ills.

Why do yoga with me?

For over 30 years I have been involved in health and wellbeing. Gaining a BSc. Majoring in Human Movement and Recreation studies, I have worked in the health and fitness industry in gyms, as a Personal Trainer, as an Exercise Physiologist; writing programmes for people with chronic back pain, and taught Health and Physical Education in secondary schools for a number of years. I completed my yoga teacher training through Santosha Registered Yoga School, in beautiful Bali and am a certified 220 hour Yoga teacher, having also completed Pre+Post natal and Children + Teens yoga training.

My studio is located in a piece of rural paradise, nestled between Bethlehem and Te Puna, close to the city of Tauranga. I look forward to meeting you and sharing knowledge of how to enhance your well being. Contact me to discuss your needs, simply click to book, below.


Heal the body and the mind.

Namaste, Michelle 

Michelle Triggs

"Be the energy you want to attract."

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About Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga is the style of yoga that I teach. Hatha focuses on correct spinal alignment, anatomy and the health benefits of poses. It is a calming and strengthening practice that will help you learn the fundamental poses, breathing techniques and the terminology used in yoga. It is an excellent yoga for relaxation and improving mindfulness. The practice is slow and mindful, transitioning without rushing from one pose to the next. 

Hatha yoga is based heavily on breathwork. It is a great style for newcomers to yoga but is suitable for everybody.

One of the best things about hatha yoga is that you don’t have to be flexible! 

A hatha yoga class will start out with breath awareness, combined with gentle stretches to warm up your muscles. Once you’ve done the warm-up,  poses are typically held for 3-5 breaths each. This helps build muscle and allows you to focus on the slow, deep breathing that is used throughout the entire class.

There will be a mixture of standing poses and poses done on the ground. At the end of class, you’ll relax your mind and body in savasana, releasing any tension in the body, closing your eyes, allowing the poses and stretches to sink into your body. This final part of the class is essential to receiving the benefits of the practice and to enhance usage of the rest and digest system of your nervous system.


How Does Hatha Yoga Improve Your Life?

Hatha yoga can:

* Replenish your energy - improve circulation and regulate blood pressure

* Reduce anxiety -create inner peace/balance

* Reduce levels of depression - give clarity and focus of the mind

* Decrease chronic pain

* Improve sleep

* Give you greater ease of movement

* Calm and relax your nervous system

* Give better body image

* Tone and strengthen the body

* Improve flexibility and balance

* Help improve the function of our internal organs

* Improve your metabolism and digestive system

Hatha Yoga
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"Yoga with Michelle not only gives a full on stretch but also leaves you so totally relaxed...highly recommend!!"

Tracy Darkes

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