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 Lengthen, Strengthen, Find Balance in Mind and Body 
 Personal Sessions - Work Place Wellness
8a Vernon Rd, RD1 Tauranga. Between Bethlehem and Te Puna
Contact Michelle on  021 044 1042

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Hatha yoga is the style of yoga I teach; focus is on breath awareness and posture. Hatha is a gentle, calming and strengthening practice. One of the best things about Hatha yoga is that you don’t have to be flexible! 

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Look after your most valuable assets - your employees

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Personalised classes to meet your needs

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Move with more ease. Feel longer, stronger and relaxed

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“Every day is a good day to do yoga”

I would highly recommend attending classes with Michelle at Yoga for Every Body. I haven't attended yoga classes for about 8 years, and have thoroughly enjoyed the small classes that Michelle runs. She gives you personal attention and provides variations to specific movements to support difference in abilities. I have become more aware of my body and breath and feel so relaxed, peaceful and yet energised following her classes. She includes a mindful visualisation at the end which is a wonderful way to finish the class. Michelle is friendly, considerate and supportive in her approach, making you feel right at home from the very first session! 


Lotus Mandala Drawing

"I highly recommend Michelle's classes, whether you are new to yoga or not and you are looking to calm your mind whilst giving your body a stretch and tone. She has a wonderfully reassuring manner, even when you get the wobbles! In addition, the tone of her voice is perfect when working through the savasana meditations at the end. Sheer bliss!"



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